Test facilities

Magnet Test Lab - Building 311-R-001 (Meyrin)

Name Type Current (A) Voltage (V) Electric departure Installation Guide
    DC Peak      
RPADA.311.COMET_2P.1 COMET 2p 500 500 120 ERD102*83 .edms
RPADA.311.COMET_2P.2 COMET 2p 500 500 120 ERD103*83 .edms
RPADG.311.APOLO_2P.1 APOLO 2p 400 900 450 ERD112*83 .edms
RPMC.311.TRANSTECHNIK.1 Transtechnik 600 600 40    
RPMC.311.TRANSTECHNIK.2 Transtechnik 600 600 40    
RPMC.311.TRANSTECHNIK.3 Transtechnik 600 600 40    
RPAGE.311.COMET_4P.1 COMET 2x 2p 1000 1000 120 ERD113*83 .edms

Magnet Test Lab - Building 867-R-H29 (Prevessin) 

Name Type Current (A) Voltage (V) Electric departure Installation Guide
    DC Peak      
RPAFB.867.SIRIUS_4P.1 SIRIUS 4P 800 1800 450 400V/125A 3ph EDMS 1870848
S250.B1 S250B 250 250 40 400V  
S250.B2 S250B 250 250 40 400V  
SEPTUM R40-867   24000 60 400V  
HAZEM HAZEM 6500   220 400V  
RPHFA.867.MAGTEST.1 RPHFA 8000   8 400V  
NR21-046 R21-MIB 1000   300 400V  
NR22-074 R22-BBC 1500   250 400V  
NR71-001 R71 6400   60 400V  


EPC Group Test Lab - Bat. 287-R-003

Name Type Current (A) Voltage (V) Departure Electric Installation Guide
    DC Peak      
RPAEJ.A7.SIRIUS.S.1 Sirius S 400 900 450 400V/63A 3ph  


Sirius 2P 400 900 450 400V/63A 3ph  
RPAFB.A7.SIRIUS.4P.1 Sirius 4P 800 1800 450    


 Operation Guide

 2.1 Start-up and diagnostics

The power converters provided by EPC require the following connections:

  • Electrical departure according to requirements (see table above) and protective ground (provided by EN/EL)
  • Electrical connection to load (provided by the user)
  • FGC Ether network connection for remote control (provided by EPC-CC)
  • External interlock (typically thermal interlock switch from load) (provided by the user)

NOTE: The first time a power converter is commissioned, this should be done by a specialist

 2.2 Supplying a DC current to the laod

The power converter is controlled remotely from a desktop or laptop through the CERN technical network. From the technical network the user must access FGCRun+ provided by EPC. A login is required with your CERN account which needs to be configured for accessing this service (contact converter-controls@cern.ch).

Once you access the software you can add devices (converters) to your control list by typing their name which can be found on the dongle label. Note: the commands you type are sent to ALL open devices unless you select the one you wish to control. To only keep one device in your device list, select it by clicking on it and press CTRL-T.

You can send a command to a device by typing in the bottom text field of the window and pressing enter. Two types of commands are available; the "S" or SET and the "G" or GET commands.

For example S PC OF turns off the power converter. Here is how to turn on a power converter and apply a DC current to the load.

#the following command performs a reset in case of faults (for example an open door or fast stop button will lock the converter into FAULT condition).

#turn on the converter to Stand-by mode.It can take up to 50seconds to start the power converter

#change mode to IDLE (waiting a command for the current)

#set the current to a DC value of 100A immediately after the command is sent

#turn of the power converter (first to STAND BY and then to OFF)

 2.3 Supplying an cycling current to the load