Active crowbar board / Interface board

The converter and the load shall be protected against inductive voltage surges by a crowbar, which short-circuits the load and provides a safe path for the load current. The crowbar could be bidirectional in current and voltage. Crowbar triggering is passive and active:

  • Passive triggering: overvoltage (BOD),
  • Active triggering: signal from the RegFGC3 control,

The RefgFGC3 crate Type 10 is able to control up to four 3-phases IGBT inverters and four active crowbars. The control signals are generated by the DSP_REGULATION board (PWM control) and the VS_STATE_CONTROL board (Active Crowbar Control). These control signals are merged on the backplane and routed to four Burndy connectors 19 points (SKPULSES_x, x= A…D). Each SKPULSES cable is then connected to an Interface card (EDA-02812) to split the control signals of the IGBTs (PWM) and the control signals of the crowbar which is then routed to the Active Crowbar Board (EDA-02811). An interface board (EDA-02883) with optic fiber interface also exists.


Technical Referee Emilien Coulot

Technical specification


Active Crowbar board


Interface board standard execution
Interface board with optic fiber


Test procedure and report

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