Power System Adapted to grid perTURbatioNs

SATURN is a new family of four-quadrant switch-mode power converter. The main power brick (SATURN) is supplied from an 18 kV network over a medium-voltage transformer and can deliver up to 350 V / 850 A at its output. With two power bricks connected in series (SATURN_2S) power converter can supply the magnet loads with 700 V / 850 A (595 kW), continuously.

SATURN_2S is manufactured to replace the existing thyristor-based power supplies (RPTG) in the framework of RPTG-consolidation program in order to avoid the future beam loss in LHC related to the grid perturbations. Nevertheless,  the family of SATURN power converters, including series and parallel configurations, can in future be used in other applications which require relatively high continuous or peak power levels.



07-Mar-2017: Evaluation of converter sensitivity to grid votlage trasients completes SATURN testing phase. → Video

15-Dec-2016: 18 kV cast-resin transformers delivered and moved to LHC. → Video

14-Jan-2016:  Partial discharge tests of 18 kV cast-resin transformer are completed successfully. → Video

04-Dec-2015:  Short-circuit withstand tests of 18 kV cast-resin transformers are completed successfully. → Video

01-Dec-2015:  Factory tests of pre-series units of DC smoothing reactors are completed successfully. → Photos