Power Converter Characteristics


Design & Operation Responsibles

Clément Bovet - Pedro Carrio Perez - Emilien Coulot - - Frederic Daligault - Ivan Josifofic

Power Converter Topology

For the main brick (SYRACUSE), a 18kV-50 Hz transformer (galvanic isolation – voltage adaptation – phase shift), a diode rectifier, and a DC-Link passively damped filter are used for the AC/DC conversion.

One module SYRACUSE:

SYRACUSE topology .vsd


Two modules SYRACUSE are assembled in parallel to increase the current capability (SYRACUSE_2p):

SYRACUSE_2p topology .vsd


Two modules SYRACUSE are assembled in series to increase the voltage capability (SYRACUSE_2s):

SYRACUSE_2s topology .vsd


RF amplifier protection

A crowbar based on a fast thyristor (high di/dt) is shortening the output of the converter. the system is triggered when the output current of the converter exceeds a predefined threshold. The Crowbar is capable to withstand the short-ciruit current of the converter during the time required to open the 18kV cubicle.This system is under the responsability of BE/RF.