POLARIS logo POLARIS converter family continues to be built with the same basic fundament brick as its predecessors APOLO and SIRIUS. Topology consists of a line power transformer for voltage adaptation and galvanic isolation, a diode rectifier followed by a DC-link, the H-bride converter with output high-frequency filter serving as the magnet power supply and protection circuitry including earth fault detection network and crowbar for magnet energy dissipation whenever converter is triggered to stop operation.
Unlike SIRIUS converters having a boost regulator in DC-link or APOLO converters equipped with a braking chopper, new POLARIS has a 2Q converter installed in DC link which is identified as the enabling topology for the energy management in the slow extraction applications such as in case of the North Area Fixed Target Physics Complex. POLARIS converter brings together the advantages of both past topologies, possibility of the electrical grid loading during ramp-up and flat-top as in APOLO and reactive energy exchange between the energy storage and the magnet as in SIRIUS.

POLARIS basic brick topology