Project Management

Project Cycle
The cycle of a project handled by TE-EPC-MPC is described in the following document
A exemple of a project workflow is proposed in the following document
Project Workflow


The approach for project management in the MPC section is based on a methodology called Goal Directed Project Management - GDPM (Trainings 2014, 2015). “Goal Directed Project Management: effective techniques and strategies” – Erling Andersen, Kristoffer Grude, Tor Haug - Kogan Page Ltd – ISBN 978-0749453343.


Foundation of the project

► Purpose and goals of the projects,
          • Clarifying the purpose and goals of the project,
          • Formulated by the project owner and the project manager,

► Mission breakdown structure
          • What shall be part of the project?
          • What will be outside its responsibility?

► Project mandate
    The project mandate sums up the foundation of the project:
          • Name of the project,
          • Project manager,
          • Project background,
          • Purpose of the project,
          • Goals of the project,
          • Project scope (included and excluded),
          • Project budget,

Milestone planning
The purpose of the planning is:
          • To achieve a common understanding of the task to be resolved,
          • To obtain an overview of the work to be carried out,
          • To lay the foundation for allocation and committing resources,
          • To lay the foundation for a suitable organization of work,
          • To lay the foundation for monitoring and control,

The planning will consist of several milestones. A milestone is a checkpoint in the project that ensures that we are on the right track. It is a description of a state the project should be in at a certain stage. It describes what the project should achieve, not how. A milestone should be controllable. Important decision-making points in the project should be milestones. Important deliverables in the project should be milestones.

Milestone responsibility chart
Clarification of the responsibilities for general project organizational and administrative matters:
          • Who is doing the project work?
          • Who is taking decisions?
          • Who shall be consulted?
          • Who shall be informed?
          • Who is controlling the progress?