Documentation SYRACUSE

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Project documentation


Safety file Insulation coordination
Design reports

System architecture       SYRACUSE 

State-machine sequencing

Power diagram

SYRACUSE rectifier     Multi-conductor cabling

Power stack

Specification       Design       Test reports

18kV cast-resin transformer

Specification       Design       Test reports

DC reactor

Specification       Design       Test reports

Medium-voltage DC film capacitors

Specification       Design       Test reports

Specification       Design       Test reports

Medium-Voltage Load Resistors Specification

Medium-voltage electronic voltage transducer

Specification       Design        Test reports

Mechanical switches

Specification       Design       Test reports

Medium-voltage AC current transformers Specification       Design       Test reports
Medium-voltage fuse link

Protection study for pre-mag transformer

Discharge contactor

ROSS relay datasheet 

AC Voltage Detection System VDS manual and datasheets

RegFGC3 electronics

Type-7 crate       FGC electronic cards

VS _Conditionning Box Specification       Production folder


MACC2+ manual and datasheet

MV arc-proof enclosure

Specification       Production folder

Integration & cabling Specification       Production folder

Electrical-arc flash fault      Type and routine


Operation manual      

Circuit breaker settings (18kV - 400V)


Studies on SYRACUSE Handling and Transport in A7
PSIM model