Newcomer guide

Welcoming a new team member

Starting a new job is exciting. Moving to a new country, in a new environment and integrating into a multilingual environment is also a challenge. To assist new colleagues with their integration CERN offers a number of opportunities during your first months. However, the first day at work is a memorable experience for most people. The following guide aims to orientate you during the first hours in the office by summarising some information about how to work at CERN and in the MPC section. Once you join your supervisor will introduce you your new environment and role. Welcome!
In addition, HR and the Visit Service organise monthly a visit of CERN for staff and fellows who recently joined CERN, with their families (spouses/partners and children).

CERN in a nutshell

Safety Regulation @CERN

In accordance with its intergovernmental status, the Organization estibleshes and updates Safety Rules to implement its Safety Policy. This Safety Regulation forms part of the CERN Safety Rules and is issued pursuant to the Staff Rules and Regulations and the CERN Safety Policy: the purpose of this Safety Regulation is to define the responsabilities and organisational structure in matters of Safety at CERN.

Safety Instructions in EPC Group

General information

Working hours are from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. including a one hour lunch break (12.30 to 1.30 p.m).
CERN admin e-guide
Staff Rules and Regulations
CERN Entrance opening hours
CERN shuttle service

A new comer must be attached to MPC section for EDMS, DFS rights and in the e-groups: eda-psimusers,
A new comer could be integrated to the web site (photo is possible with formal approval of each member for its publication on the MPC website).

News, life inside and outside CERN

CERN Bulletin
CERN Clubs
CERN market
CERN Housing Service
CERN Medical Service

Electronic documentation

Working at CERN requires to well understand how to handle and store electronic documents

C: D: Local disk DO NOT USE (no data back up)
My Documents

Users\m\myname\My Documents

Personal files personal or private documentation


CERN = Read access Documents for quick exhange with colleagues

MPC section folder on DFS

MPC = Read/Write access Day to day work documents for projects or for team's share and work
EPC project folder on DFS

Project stakeholders = Read/Write access

Day to day work documents for projects

MPC EDMS MPC = Read/Write access

Storage reference. Each work = EDMS document

See this guide

MPC Indico On demand Meeting organisation (agenda + room booking)
MPC site World = Read access Ask MPC webmaster to add contents



Sofware shall exclusively be installed/desinstalled through CMF.

- The installation of MATLAB/SIMULINK is restricted and the installation shall be granted by John Evans.
- The installation of PSIM is restricted to EPC members and shall be granted by Gilles Le Godec :
       Go to G:\Applications\Powersim\PSIM2021a\PSIM2021_Setup,

       • Follow the instructions as per \\\dfs\Applications\Powersim\PSIM120\InstallationPSIM12.pdf,

At CERN, the individual users are in first instance responsible for securing their computers, networks, data, systems & services.On the IT Web site, you can find:

  • The CERN Computing Rules, i.e. the "Dos" and "Don'ts" for using CERN's computing facilities;
  • Recommendations, i.e. tips, hints & best practises intended to helping you to properly assume this responsibility;
  • Training courses and material for starters & experts;
  • Security Services provided for you by the Computer Security Team; and
  • Reports & Presentations featuring monthly reports, theses, reports from conferences, dedicated presentations & much more.


Working at CERN requires  to register and attend to some training courses on arrival (to be agreed with the supevisor):
General and Professional French courses, Habilitation Electrique - Electrician Low and High Voltage, EDMS - Introduction, Procurement and Contract Management Training on Supplies, EPC training list,GDPM

CERN provides a website for language tandems to those willing to learn or practise a (new) language. If you wish to subscribe, please language-tandem


Access rights
Working at CERN requires to ask the following access to be granted (EDH):

Tunnel Transit authorization (T), CCC acces priviliege (CCCPRIC), CERN vehicle driving license (V), 866 2eme etage pool epc (0866K2-010)


Working at CERN requires to access to the operation buildings: the following keys are necessary.

  • LAB 2.17
  • JSR 2.20
  • LEP 2000
  • PS C141

Sick leaves

Working at CERN leads sometime to headaches to find out the signification of acronyms: this glossary could be helpful.