SM18 Upgrade

Project Owner : Hugues Thiesen

Project Leader : Samer Yammine 

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SM18 is a facility at CERN for testing magnets and instrumentation at very low temperature (lowest being 1.9 K) and up to high currents (20 kA). It is equipped with different benches for testing superconducting magnets in horizontal or vertical position. Furthermore a test zone area concerns testing of RF cavities which is not include in the framework of this project.

During the period 2000-2014, Magnet Test Benches (Horizontal Stations) were mainly used to test LHC magnets (around 1200 dipoles and 800 quadrupoles) on the twelve test benches. Today, HL-LHC project requires an upgrade in term of powering for those clusters. Furthermore concerning Vertical Test Benches, new facilities will be installed and commissioned in the future. The main objective of the project is the upgrade of SM18 superconducting magnet test facilities (horizontal and vertical) for the period 2015-2020.



01/02/17            Cluster D             2 x 15 kA PCs in parallel → 30 kA (Done)

01/03/17            Cluster A             From 15 kA to 20 kA (Done)

01/06/17            Cluster ABCDE   Replacement MCBs (Done)

01/01/18            Cluster D              2 x 2 kA Combo PCs (Done - Being Completed)

01/01/18            FREIA                  2 x 2 kA Combo PCs (Project Mandate) (Being Completed)

01/01/18            Cluster A             2 x 2 kA Combo PCs (Project Mandate

01/06/19            Cluster D             2 x ± 2 kA PCs 

01/01/20            Cluster F             2 x 2 kA Combo PCs (Project Mandate) + 1 x 20 kA PC (New PC) (Being Completed)