LHC CMS Upgrade

​Project Owner : Hugues Thiesen 

Project Leader : Samer Yammine 

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During the magnet CMS Magnet System Risk Review (indico link), a risk regarding the excessive magnet discharge was identified (Mag-1). Since this risk was rated to be a medium risk, a mitigation plan has to be developped (refer to the review final report). The proposed mitigation plan is the use of a new free-wheeling system to mitigate the need of energy discharges in case of powering failure or other faults.  

The purpose of the project is to deliver a free-wheeling (FW) electrical system to the CMS solenoid power converter (PC) that withstands a complete discharge cycle (20 kA DC since time constant is 1.6 days) without the need of any energy discharge. 




Milestone Plan