A Proton-Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN

The AWAKE Collaboration has been formed in order to demonstrate proton driven plasma wakefield acceleration for the first time. This technology could lead to future colliders of high energy but of a much reduced length compared to proposed linear accelerators. The SPS proton beam in the CNGS facility will be injected into a 10m plasma cell where the long proton bunches will be modulated into significantly shorter micro-bunches. These micro-bunches will then initiate a strong wakefield in the plasma with peak fields above 1 GV/m that will be harnessed to accelerate a bunch of electrons from about 20MeV to the GeV scale within a few meters. First protons to the experiment are expected at the end of 2015 and this will be followed by an initial 3–4 year experimental program.

Background documents

AWAKE talk in the IEFC, 17 April 2013: indico
AWAKE talk in the SPSC, 9 April 2013: indico
AWAKE Design Report: .cds
CERN Technical Note on the AWAKE facility: .edms


Project documents
Project documentation: .edms
Proton Line Engineering Specification. .edms
Electron Line WP Description: .edms
Installation of Corrector magnets in Awake electron beam line TT43 (IEFC 26/10/2022): .edms
Electron proton beam parameters downstream plasma section spectrometer quadrupoles: .edms
Electron Spectrometer: .edms

Awake Rack position (TGS4): .edms
Awake TAG40 Layout Laser Room: .edms
Awake beam interlock WP description: .edms
Awake WIC interlock system WP description: .edms
Awake Electrical system WP description: .edms
Specification fonctionnelle de la sureté d'acces TAG41: .edms

Test Procedure and Acceptance Criteria for the AWAKE TT41 Magnet Circuits: .edms

Electron line planning: .edms

EPC Workpackage
Responsible: Christophe Mutin
Project Run 1-2 on Indico
Project on dfs
Pre-studies: EPC .edms, ABT .edms
WP description: .edms,
Powering Justification: .edms
Implantation: .edms
Electron Line Power converter: .edms

Installation of corrector magnet in AWAKE electron beam line (2022): .edms

Deliverables: R28, COMET_2p, RB9, SMILE, CANCUN_50, PC 50-300,


Note d'operation Heinzinger: .edms
Note d'operation Cancun: .edms


Project Run 2c on Indico

Awake Run2c Cost & Schedule Review 18 November 2021: .edms

SMILE converters status: .edms

Heinzinger converters status: .edms

SY-MB meeting 17/07/2023 - Awake Run2c status: .indico

MEXICO family - design goals - 27th EPC-TM - February 2023: .edms

Awake Run2c Kick-off meeting - 16 July 2024 : .indico