BASE is a multinational collaboration currently building an apparatus at the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) of CERN to make comparison measurements of antiproton and proton magnetic g-factors. Such comparisons are interesting because any measured asymmetry would hint at physics beyond the Standard Model. The experiment consists of measuring the cyclotron and Larmor frequencies of a single trapped (anti)proton. By measuring the ratio of these two frequencies the magnetic moment of the (anti)proton is obtained in units of the nuclear magneton. The BASE collaboration observed the first spin flips with a single trapped proton, measured the magnetic moment of the proton with a fractional precision at the ppm level, observed first single proton spin filps and demonstrated recently the double Penning trap technique for the first time. This opens the way towards a direct measurement of the (anti)proton magnetic moment with a precision at the ppb level and will provide one of the most sensitive tests of CPT symmetry.


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