11T Trim PC

Project Owner : Hugues Thiesen

Project Leader : Samer Yammine 

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Additional collimators are required to insure higher luminosity for the HL-LHC. At LHC point 7, introducing these collimators will lead to the need of higher field intensity (11 T) magnets in order to compensate the decrease of the magnet length. These 11T magnets have a slightly different transfer function in comparison with the main dipoles and a trim power converter is decided to be added in order to inject or extract current from the 11T dipoles to compensate the transfer function difference. 

The purpose of the project is to provide the Trim Power Converters of the 11 T magnets: define the functional specifications of the 11T powering scheme, study and test the circuit aspects of the powering scheme, and deliver, install and commission 3 functional 11T trim power converters for LS2 (2019-2020). 




Milestone Plan 

Functional Specs