Technical specifications

Title Author EDMS Year
Supply of 18 kV Cast-Resin Transformers for RF-LHC and AD Power Converters FRANCISCO Blanquez 2883073
Supply of 17 Electromechanical modules for HL-LHC CDB Project Xavier Bonnin, Emilien Coulot 2794249
TE-CRG-CE Technical Specification for electrical cabinet Thomas Barbe 1970931
Provision of EMC test campaign on Power Converters to be performed on the CERN site Gilles Le Godec 2361979
DO-32757 - Earthing Switches for the Circuit Disconnector Boxes Samer YAMMINE 2426950
DO-32780 - HL-LHC 18kA Disconnectors Samer YAMMINE 2431301
DO-32758- HL-LHC 0.6kA Disconnectors Samer YAMMINE 2431299
DO-32710 - HL-LHC 2kA Disconnectors Samer YAMMINE 2418645
SYRACUSE 18 kV transformers tendering documentation (IT-4369) IVAN JOSIFOVIC 2087390
Provision of Electrical Safety Audits concerning Power Electronic converters on the CERN site Gilles Le Godec 2080686
Provision of Electrical Safety Audits concerning Power Electronic converters on the CERN site Gilles Le Godec 2080686
SIRIUS S Workpackage description for LIU Konstantinos Papastergiou 1724429
Technical Specification of the Integration and Cabling of Power Converters (SIRIUS) Konstantinos Papastergiou 1699417
Technical Specification of Power Semiconductor Stack for the Sirius Power Converter Konstantinos Papastergiou 1579146
TT2 Infrastructure Requirements Specification Konstantinos Papastergiou 1519674
Functional Specification: Economy Mode Operation in Accelerator Transfer Lines Konstantinos Papastergiou 1493325
Technical Specification of Supply of of-the-self 1.2 kV Mechanical Load Switches for RPADO, S-FRS and I8 Projects Maxime Aru 1527407
Technical Specification for the supply of Load Switch Command Modules Emilien Coulot 1554016
Old list of technical specifications Sophie GARDETTE 1367510
Technical Specification of 18 kV Cast-resin Rectifier Power Transformers and 400V Pre-magnetization Power Transformers for SATURN Ivan Josifovic 1509803
Supply of DC Chokes for SATURN IVAN JOSIFOVIC 1475034
Supply of Power Stack for SATURN IVAN JOSIFOVIC 1493104
Supply of Power Resistors for SATURN IVAN JOSIFOVIC 1510347
Technical Specification for the Supply of mechanical chassis for SATURN converter family Emilien Coulot 1555810
Supply of Four-quadrant DC/DC Switch-mode Power Stack with Front End Rectifier Unit for the LINAC 4 Project DO-27884 (APOLO) John Baillie 1258479