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CAS 2013 - Ion sources - Technological aspects:  High Voltage .cds
Reliability and Lifetime Evaluation of Si and Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Packages


CERN tutorial .edms

An introduction to Power Electronic @CERN indico
Control & Regulation: PyFRESCO Training - October 2020 .edms
Video Tutorial
ECPE Workshop 2020: Characterization and impact of SiC and GaN on Power Drive Systems .edms
ECPE Workshop 2020: Introduction to Power Electronic .edms
Semikron Webseminar on SiC - July 2020 .edms
KEMA: Training Course on Power Transformers - March 2019 .edms
ECPE Workshop 2019: Drivers and Control Circuitry for IGBTs and MOSFETs .edms
ECPE_2019_New Technologies for Medium-Frequency Solid-State Transformers  .edms
My Transfo 2018: conference presentations and proceedings .edms
ABB: Oil-filled Transformers Training Course - March 2018 .edms
ECPE Workshop_2017: Condition and Health Monitoring in Power Electronics .edms
Altium Designer Essentials 15 - Training for CERN
Altium Designer
Tutorial: PSIM Thermal module .edms
Steady state thermal design of converters - temperature measurements - 2014 Thermal Workshop, Erlangen - Germany .edms
CERN Accelerator School (CAS) Power converters - Baden 2014 .cds
EMR CERN-2013 and EPFL 2014 .edms, .edms, indico
Ultra-Capacitors in Power Conversion - Applications, Analysis and Design from Theory to Practice - EPE 2013 .edms
Switching Power Supply Analysis - R.Ridley - PCIM 2012 .edms
FPGA based Control of 2-level and 3-level Inverters - PCIM 2012 .edms
IGBT Gate Drive Technologies- Principles and Applications - PCIM 2012 .edms
CERN Accelerator School (CAS) Power converters - Warrington, 2004 .cds

AEMC Specific Courses & Presentations

- Installation Et Remèdes 1999,
- CEM Des Convertisseurs 1998,
- CEM Des Convertisseurs 2010,
- CEM Des convertisseurs 2015,
- EMC Concepts @ CAS 2004,
- EMC Earth Concepts @ Icaleps 2011,AEMC

- CERN EMC part 1 & 2, January 2024



CERN Accelerator School (CAS) Power converters - Montreux, 1990


Safety Considerations in Low Voltage DC Grids EDMS


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